"The Dakota Ramblers Band"
"Real Country Since 1956"                 
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About "The Dakota Ramblers Band"
The Dakota Ramblers Band traces its lineage back to the mid 1940's directly out of South Dakota....rich for its history in its contributions to Country Music.

As most musicians will tell you, it can be very difficult to find the right chemistry of musicians to work together as a cohesive unit. We've been very fortunate over the years to have had some of the very best musicians in the area work in this band. Our present line-up in The Dakota Ramblers Band  is  a testament to that.

Bruce joined The Dakota Ramblers in the Spring of 1981. His duties were as Lead Guitarist, some back-up vocals and sang about a half dozen songs per night, up until June 1998, when he took over the reigns as the band's new leader, lead vocalist and lead guitarist.

Mike joined the Dakota Ramblers in June 1998, as the group's first and only pedal steel guitarist. Mike sings some lead and backup vocals as well. Mike and Bruce played their first gig together in the Spring of 1970, then joined forces again in 1977 in a band Bruce originally formed in the Summer of 1974. That band was called Moonshine, and how we lived up to that name... 

Terry McKinley,  the band's newest drummer, officially joined the Dakota Ramblers Band in January 2018. Terry brings with him tons of talent, many years experience and energy that can't be duplicated, making Terry one the finest Country drummers around.

As mentioned on the opening page of our website, this band has split, moved and evolved over the years. The group re-organized and totally changed its format to all Real Country in June 1998. We had plenty of naysayers (and still do) wondering how we were going to cover all the variety fluff with a Pedal Steel player now in the group. That was the key... we would no longer be a variety group.....which gave us the freedom to get back to Real Country roots.....a  brand new "Dakota Ramblers Band " had emerged!  

****Looking back, it would have been much easier to just change the name of the band  back in '98. But we stuck it out and have never given up trying to see just how far we can take this little band.****

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